birthday parties at granary road - Create the fun!

Kids love to learn, create and take home what they make!

Every birthday party includes:

Your private birthday room set-up for your party complete with Tables, Chairs, Table Cloths, Plates, Cutlery, Napkins & a Fun Granary Road Birthday Banner! 

GR Birthday Banner for Website.jpg

We'll also email you printable Birthday Party Invitations that you can print out and send or a general Birthday Party Announcement that you can use as an email attachment.

Plus - Each birthday boy or girl also gets a free Granary Road Button!

each party is for 10+ Kids!

(You can have up to 20 kids maximum - see rates below)

You get the party room for 1:45 minutes.

(additional time is available - see rates below)

Bookings are on the hour.

So, if you book a 1pm party your time expires at 2:45pm.

There are lots of yummy food options to choose from!

• Perogies  • Pizza  • Tacos  • Charcuterie Tray  • Vegan Thai  • Chips & Dips  • Nuts & Snacks  • Mini Donuts  • Rolled Ice Cream  • Cakes, Cake Pops & Cup Cakes

All made fresh from our amazing food vendors in the public market.

Food is an additional cost which varies by vendor - we will send you the complete menu for you to choose from and coordinate your order with the vendor. You are responsible for pick-up and payment to the vendor.

You can also choose a drink option for your party: Can of Pop, Bottle of Water or a Juice Box for $1.50/drink.


We do all the set-up & Clean-up!

You have fun watching your kids create things they love!

Fun themes to choose from!

we'll customize a party for you, too!

All of the activities for each theme are customized to your child's age and gender.

Mini Terrarium Maker!

Serendipity Birthday Terrarium.jpg

Our resident plant artist from Serendipity Gardens will teach your kids how to design imaginative creations with plants and adornments in a mini-globe they can take home.

Clever & Cool Kid Crafts

Crafted Birthday Crafts.jpg

Crafted, our wonderfully eclectic gift store at Granary Road, hosts a crazy crafting party for boy or girls where your kids will learn how to make fun, inspiring crafts that they will love to take home and show off!

Please note that all images of crafts and cookies above are representational. Actual crafts and cookies might be different.

Birthday Party Rates

Base Rate for 10 kids is $299

Additional kids are $16/child

Parents are welcome to participate in the cookie decorating or crafting, but additional set-ups are $16/participant up to 20 kids or adults maximum.

Additional time is $40 for 45 additional minutes

So, if you book a birthday party at 1pm for 1 session + an additional 45 minutes your time will expire at 3:30pm.

Book your "Create the Fun" Birthday Party Today!

Call one of our birthday party specialists at: 403-453-7623 or email us at:

Birthday parties in the Active Learning Park will start up again this spring.

The whole party gets access to all the thrilling learning experiences in all the pods. Plus they get an "Inside the Fence Tour" of our Farm Friends pod where they can get really close to all of the animals and the birthday boy or girl can even feed the alpaca! Included with your party package is 45 minutes in one of several party spaces on-site depending on availability. The Granary Road party staff sets up the room with a birthday banner, puts out the table cloths, disposable plates and cutlery. Best yet, we clean up when you're all done. All mom and dad have to do is show up and have fun! Skip down to the form below to fill out some details about your party, simply hit submit or call us at: 403-453-ROAD (403-453-7623) and a Granary Road event specialist will get back to you shortly to plan your child's BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!

An experience like no other birthday party venue in Calgary!

The Active Learning Park at Granary Road has quickly become the most engaging, inspiring and thrilling place to take your kids! With 10 pods that offer over-the-top exciting fun like a giant spider web climber, a four level life-sized ant farm that's a vertical obstacle course, a gargantuan fruit tree with triple treat cherry climbers, a monster pear zip line and a corkscrewing green worm winding its way down through an apple core there's something for every kid from toddlers to teens. Plus there are hop high in-ground trampolines and lily pad spinners in the Frog Pond Fun Pad and fun with fungi in the Mushroom Meander and eggstreme fun to be had on the Chicken Coop spinners, climbers and slides! Finally, the Granary Road Farm Friends pod is every kid's favorite with miniature goats, peacocks, turkeys, chickens, sheep, piglets, alpaca and our pony Tea Biscuit. Click ACTIVE LEARNING PARK in the navigation above to learn more about all the fun there is to have at Granary Road!

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 9.16.11 AM.png

Here's what you get when you celebrate a birthday at Granary Road!

• Access to the entire Active Learning Park all day for up to 20 guests

    Guests can be children or adults, but you must have 4 adults if you have 16+ kids. Additional 10 guests are only $12/guest up to 30 total guests.

• 45 Minutes in one of our birthday party spaces depending on availability

    Extra time is only $40 for 45 more minutes. Includes secure storage for gifts, cakes and other birthday items you bring with you.

• Party room includes tables and chairs, disposable table cloths, plates, cutlery and napkins for 30 guests. Plus a Big Red birthday banner!

Granary Road BDay Banner.jpg

• Most importantly, we set-up & clean-up! All mom & dad do is have fun!

• The whole party gets an "inside the fences" tour of the Farm Friends Petting Zoo and the birthday boy or girl gets to feed the alpaca!

• The birthday child also gets a Granary Road button.

• You get the choice of one $25 gift certificate for the Granary Road Gift Shop for the birthday child* or 8 Farm Friends themed birthday cookies from              Sweet Relief to take home in a treat bag.

      Gift certificate must be used on the day of the party. Extra cookies are available for just $2/cookie.

• Several Granary Road Public Market food vendors are offering special birthday party menu items for additional fees. Just let us know which of the following vendors you are interested in and we will coordinate the menu and pricing.

     - Perogy Guy

     - Cruz Tacos & More

     - Soffritto Pizza & Pasta

     - Heart's Choices Vegan Thai Cuisine

     - Luc's European Meats & Cheese - Charcuterie

     - Going Nuts! Salty Snacks

     - Dipsology Chips and Dips

     - Sweet Relief Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Macaroons, Etc.

     - Calgary Mini Donuts

     - Gummi Boutique Candy Store

All this for only $299 +GST!*

* Food add-ons from public market vendors is additional.

Please do not use this form for birthday party submissions during the Active Learning Park off-season

Get started towards your birthday party event by filling out this simple form and hitting submit or calling one of our event specialists at: 403-453-7623.


Date of the Party *
Date of the Party
Name of the Birthday Child *
Name of the Birthday Child
Parent's Name *
Parent's Name
30 Total guests are included for the base fee of $299. Up to 10 additional guests (either children or adults) can be added for $12/guest. Note that for every 5 additional children 1 adult must attend.
Time Arriving at Granary Road
Time Arriving at Granary Road
Time Arriving at Farm Friends for Tour
Time Arriving at Farm Friends for Tour
Allow for 30 Minutes for the Behind the Fences Tour
Time Arriving at Event Space
Time Arriving at Event Space
On the Hour Scheduling in 45 Minute Intervals
Time Leaving Event Space *
Time Leaving Event Space
Must Leave 15 Minutes Before the Next Hour - Additional Time is $40/45 Minutes
The Granary Road Event Specialist will contact you with your menu choices and pricing. You will be required to pick-up the food at the time you requested.