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Best birthday party ever!

Boys & girls love the fun and adventure they can only find at Granary Road!

Make their birthday special with the VIP treatment they'll get on their special day

at Granary Road.  

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all day play!

Only $149.99 + GST

This is the perfect birthday party for kids of all ages!  Your guests can spend the entire day roaming, climbing, sliding, jumping, zip-lining, and much more in 11 over the top fun exhibits!  Whether it be the awe of a gigantic spider hovering high above or the thrill of corkscrewing through a giant apple or a gentle kiss on the cheek from one of our adorable alpaca, your party goers will enjoy engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences that they’ll remember forever. A Granary Road team member will meet you at our Goat Barn in our Farm Friends area and make sure that your guests have their very own food to feed the Granary Road goats – be careful – they’ve been known to jump, slobber and head butt birthday party guests!

Here's What You Get:

10 Admissions (Child or Adult) to our Active Learning Park

10 Bags of Animal Food - The goats go crazy for it!

10 Child Size Ice Cream Cones - The kids go crazy for it!

Digital Granary Road Party Invites 

Reserved seating area at a picnic table in the Active Learning Park for one hour



Granary Road Rover Wagon -  $60 for 20 Minutes (Max 16 People)

Scavenger Hunt - $40.00

Mini Donut Bucket - $15.00 (30 Donuts)

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