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Granary Road Fresh Farmer Tomato & Basil


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the tour

Get your foodie friends together for a fun tour and learn all about the future of farming!

You'll see first hand how the most delicious, vitamin and mineral rich greens and salad fixings are grown without soil and with the help of our finned friends. Everyone in the tour gets a

free bag of fresh produce picked right before your eyes!

Tours last approximately 30 minutes and can be scheduled for groups of up to 15 at 1:30pm Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


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Just stop by the Granary Road Aquaponics Centre where a Fresh Farmer staff member will meet you at the door and let you choose what you want picked fresh from the selection of produce that's available that day. A few minutes later they'll return with your produce that they just picked.

It doesn't get any fresher than that!

You can get the freshest produce possible any Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 9am to 5pm!

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online pick
& pick-up

Check out our online menu of fresh produce that's good for the picking and pick out what you want. You pick the day you want to pick it up and we'll have it good to go for you when you arrive at the Granary Road Aquaponics Centre to pick it up. All produce is picked fresh the day you plan to pick it up.

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shop the
market cart

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning we're up early harvesting a selection of fresh produce and walking it over to the Granary Road Farmers Market for the Fresh Farmer cart. You'll usually find the cart on the East side of the market full of freshly picked produce for your family!

featured on the cart

granary road
all natural 100% organic

plant food

a better, healthier way to feed
your fruit & vegetable plants
& flowers

find out more
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Leafy Greens

& Basil are Always


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Cucumbers and

Peppers Available

When Ready

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Peas, Beans

& Various Herbs

also Available

When Ready

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