Do adults pay admission? 

  • Yes, our general admission is for ages 3 - 64, please ask for a senior’s discount when buying tickets in person.


How long are my tickets valid for? 

  • All online purchases are valid for the season they were bought in.  You don’t have to use it the same day as the purchase day.


Do we have to buy tickets online? 

  • If we are busy, online purchase do get processed a little faster, but it’s not necessary to buy online; in person ticket purchases are available in the gift shop.


Is Granary Road wheelchair accessible?

  • The Granary Road Farmers Market is wheelchair friendly, and the Active Learning Park pathway is gravel and hilly so can be a bit more difficult.


How long to people usually spend there? 

  • We would recommend a minimum of 2 hours; however, some spend all day enjoying the park.  


Is there somewhere to purchase food? 

  • Saturday & Sunday the Granary Road Farmers Market is open and has many food vendors. 

  • Monday thru to Thursday there are no food options available other than a few concession snacks in the gift shop.


Is there shade? 

  • Most of our pavilions and learning pods are out in the open, including our picnic area.  We have a partially shaded patio.


Can I bring my dog?

  • No, pets are not allowed in the park or the Farmers Market. 


Are there nearby hotels? 

  • There is a hotel close to 162nd Ave/Macleod Tr in Calgary, which is about a 15 min drive to Granary.


Is parking free?

  • Yes


Do you need a ticket for the market?

  • The Granary Road Farmers Market is open Saturday, and Sunday and require no admission to shop and enjoy.


What should I wear for a day at Granary Road?

  • We’re in the foothills, it can be windy, beautifully sunny, and sometimes rain all in a short amount of time.  We are open rain or shine, so dress in layers.


Do I need tickets in advance?

  • Admission can go a little more quickly with advance ticket purchase when we’re busy, but it’s not necessary.


What happens if it rains? 

  • We’re open rain or shine.  Only if the park is deemed unsafe do we close (i.e., lightening)


Do you have strollers or wagons for rental? 

  • No.


Do you have an ATM?

  • Yes.  Located in the SW corner of the market just past the gift shop.


Is there a discount for Special needs, military discount, seniors?  

  • Special needs are a regular admission, but their accompanying aide is discounted to $5. 

  • Military is a paid admission with up to 3 kids for free.

  • Seniors Discount is 10% of regular admission


Height or weight restrictions 

  • Some Park slides and our zip-lines are limited for height of about 5ft and weight of about 200lbs


Are there washrooms located in the park? 

  • There are several inside the market building and throughout the park there are two separate washrooms available, one up at the farm, and one at the halfway point in the park nearby the Ant Farm.

Can I bring my own or outside food?

  • Outside food is allowed in the Active Learning Park.

  • Outside food is not permitted in the Farmers Market or Market Facility.