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covid-19 protocols & procedures

In preparation for opening the 2020 season at Granary Road, in these extraordinary times, we’ve been working hard to make sure that you, your family and your friends have the same fun, wonderful experience at our Active Learning Park and Farmer’s Market that you’ve had in the past while staying safe and healthy.

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Keeping the play & Learn park

safe & fun for everyone!

Throughout the Play & Learn Park visitors will find large Safety Protocol Signs that will remind them to maintain social distancing, to wash their hands and strictly follow all safety protocols.


There are several ways that Park visitors can make sure that they are practicing safe social distancing from other groups:

• All of the pathways at Granary Road are lined with roped fences. These fence posts are approximately 6' or 2m apart. Visitors can use them as a constant visual reminder of how to keep their family or cohort group a safe distance from others.

•  Many of the fun things to do in each exhibit have distancing discs on the ground and safety zone tape in high traffic areas to remind kids how to maintain safe social distancing while they're having fun.


Granary Road has gone beyond Alberta Health Services requirements and implemented several protocols that will make the Park as safe as possible:

• Every exhibit will close for approximately 15 minutes throughout the day on a rotating basis to allow Granary Road staff to thoroughly sanitize all high touch and heavy traffic areas in each exhibit. Washrooms will also be closed at times during the day to be sanitized. Look for a sign at the entrance of each exhibit or washroom that tells you when it will be closed so you can plan your day. 

•  There are multiple hand sanitizing stations located throughout the park. It's recommended that guests sanitize their hands after enjoying each exhibit.

•  Every exhibit at Granary Road has a unique experience for you and your family to enjoy. Everyone who enters the Park will receive a guide that explains how to best experience each exhibit while staying safe.

• We know you're here to have fun with your family and sometimes you or your family might forget about some of the protocols put in place for your safety. To help, there will be several protocol monitors roaming the park all day to answer questions and to give reminders to both children and adults on best practices while they're in the Park.

Visitors in the Play & Learn Park that repeatedly disregard COVID-19 protocols will be asked to leave.

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making the farmer's market safe for everyone to enjoy!

face masks are mandatory in the market

Outside the front doors of the Granary Road Farmer's Market visitors will find a large Safety Protocol Sign that reminds them to maintain social distancing, to wash their hands and strictly follow all Alberta Health Services safety protocols and practices.


There are several signs in the center of the walkways reminding visitors to the Granary Road Farmers Market can to make sure that they are practicing safe social distancing from other groups.

Tables on the giant south patio have been placed to allow everyone to enjoy a meal, a beverage or just kick back and rest at a safe distance from other groups.


The Granary Road Farmer's Market has several COVID-19 protocols in place that will make it safe for you to enjoy all the food stops and shops:

• Everyone that enters the market will be met by a Greeter who will verbally screen guests for COVID-19 infection per Alberta Health Services protocols.

• There are hand sanitizing stations located outside the East and West washrooms and at the front doors.

•  Washrooms will be thoroughly sanitized regularly throughout the day.

•  All of our vendors and staff have been trained to strictly follow Alberta Health Services protocols.

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