The most engaging, inspiring and fun Summer Camp ever!  With 37 acres and 11 over the top experiences, your child will be outdoors, active, engaged, learning and just having plain old fun!  From giant animatronic ants, to fried egg climbers, an echolocation maze, spider web and frog spinners, there is always something to do at Granary Road!  Our petting zoo complete with miniature goats and horses, lambs, chickens, turkeys, bunnies, alpacas, peacocks, and piglets will be sure to thrill your child!  Campers will be able to interact and care for the Granary Road animals including grooming the goats, snuggling the bunnies and feeding the piglets!  

Each day your child will get to experience a minimum of 3 of the pods in our Active Learning Park and will also have the chance to take part in games, science experiments and crafts relating to their Camp’s weekly theme.  Our Camps are developed by elementary teachers and parents so you can be sure, they will captivate your child and provide for animated dinner table conversation each night! 


Camps available on all dates for

ages 5-8 years & 9-12 years



Entomologists | July 2nd - 6th & July 30th - August 3rd

Do you have a Bug Lover? Then this is the perfect camp for your child. Besides exploring our giant 4-storey Ant Farm, Arachnid Web complete with a humongous spider and Bee Hive Honeycomb pod, Campers will be able to examine retired beehives, beekeeper tools, and even try on a beekeeper’s uniform. They will also be examining a real ant farm and spiders from around the world. At the end of the week, your Camper will get a special bug shaped cookie as our THANK YOU for participating in our Entomologist Camp!

Growers | July 9th - 13th & August 6th - 10th

Got a kid with a green thumb? Our Mushroom Meander, Cropland Grow Row, and Orchard Treehouse pods will be sure to entertain them! Your child will have a week filled with activities related to plants and what they need to grow. Daily visits to our 10,000 square foot Greenhouse will be included, so Campers can see the changes that occur in plants in a short period of time when the plants are exposed to optimal conditions. Particular attention will be paid to examining live and preserved mushrooms, as well as a variety of fruit trees, corn, barley, canola and wheat crops. Campers will be able to plant various seeds in their very own greenhouse to take with them and continue the learning at home! On Friday, your child will get a cute apple-shaped cookie from our very own Sweet Relief pastry chef!

Zoologists | July 16th - 20th & August 13th - 17th

Calling all Animal Lovers! Our Zoologist Camp will be a dream come true for your animal-loving child. They’ll love hanging out in our Frog Pond Fun Pad, giant sized Chicken Coop and Farm Friends Active Learning Pods. Our massive petting zoo is where most of the action will take place with your children getting to go behind the scenes in our barns. Campers will be able to let our goats out for their daily Stampede, and get a first hand lesson in how to care for goats, right down to giving them a medical check up! Campers will get to try their hand at collecting eggs and help push our chickens on their swings! Campers will get to take some farm fresh Granary Road eggs home with them to share their experience with their families. When our Zoologist Camp is over, campers will get a piglet-shaped cookie from our amazing pastry chef as our thank you to them.

Environmentalists | July 23rd - 27th & August 20th - 24th

Is your child concerned about the state of the environment? Do you want them to learn about our local ecosystem and how we can help keep it healthy? Then this is the camp for you. Your little Environmentalist will have a great time learning about water in our Wetlands Discovery pod. They will get to sample water from our pond and see what creatures live there. They will learn about the wild birds that thrive in our native grasslands and the ducks and geese in our pond. They will learn all about the fragile frogs that are predictors of environmental health all over the world. Campers will get a chance to feed our real live Red Eyed Tree Frogs! We will teach the campers about natural groundwater systems in a memorable way by making an edible experiment. This camp will combine science, ecology, biology and FUN! On Friday, campers will receive a sweet frog-shaped cookie from our very own Sweet Relief pastry chef!


$299 + g.s.t. per person




My child wants to attend the Granary Road camp, but they are either too young or too old.  Is this okay?

While we’d love to accommodate all kids our camps are designed for specific ages to ensure that your child will get the most out of them!


What do I need to pack for my child? 

Each Camper will receive a red Granary Road t-shirt as part of their camping experience but please send your child with weather appropriate clothing, sun screen, a hat, refillable water bottle, snacks and a lunch. We know that summer is a busy time, so Granary Road has both snack and lunch options available.  Please see the Snack and Lunch order form for more information.


Is Granary Road a nut free facility?

Granary Road is not a nut free facility as we have multiple food vendors and a restaurant on site.  We do ask that parents not send food that contains tree nuts or peanuts.


My child is on medication and requires someone to provide them with the appropriate dose.  Is this possible?

Please ask for a Medical Release form from our staff and we will be able to assist you.  All Campers are required to have a separate Medical Information Form filled out prior to starting camp.  Staff will be able to care for EPI Pens and Inhalers if required.


What about inclement weather?

Rainy day?  No problem!  We have 2 pavilions, 11 learning kiosks, a 3 bay greenhouse, a 20 000 square food market and our Camp Directors to keep your Camper warm, dry and entertained! 


I see you have a great Public Market, can I send my child with extra money to purchase items?

We ask that you take your child to visit our public market after Camp is over for the day.  The market is open until 5:30pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 


Can I drop my child off early?

Our Camps start at 9:00am.  We ask that your child arrives no earlier than 8:55am as there will be no supervision before then.


What if I’m late to pick my child up?

Campers need to be picked up at the end of Camp day, 4:00pm.  While we understand that there can be delays in traffic, we ask parents to leave a bit early to accommodate for any unexpected circumstances.  Late pick ups will result in extra charges, as we have to pay our staff to stay with your child.


What is your refund policy?

Should your plans change, and your child isn’t able to attend our Granary Road Summer Camps, please let us know as soon as possible.  Refunds will not be permitted within 2 weeks of the Camp start.