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The Play & Learn Park at Granary Road is 36 acres of adventure that will thrill the imaginations of

toddler to tweens!

11 Over-the-top, larger than life exhibits that mix heart-pounding fun with interactive learning connected by 3.5 kilometers of pathways. 

Watch the video below or scroll down to check out all of the exhibits. 

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granary road play

& learn park intro video below!

Toddlers to tweens

Love granary road!

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of each exhibit!

Granary Road Frog Pond Web 1.jpg

frog pond

fun pad

• Bounce on 3 in-ground trampolines

• Twirl on lily pad spinners

• Slide down a slippery frog tongue

• Jump from one purple toad bump to another

• Balance on tadpole spring boards

• Don't forget to take your picture swimming with the frog!

While learning all about frog metamorphosis, anatomy, different species and more!

Granary Road Frog Pond Web 2.jpg
Granary Road Farm Friends for Web 1.jpg

farm friends

Visit our real working farm where you can make friends with all of the animals that call Granary Road home: 

• The cutest goats in the world greet you at the entrance to Farm Friends.

Be sure to watch for them scampering on the Golden Goat Bridge!

• Our wooly Sheep and famously flirtatious Alpaca with their gorgeous guard Llama!

• The Miniature Horse hanging out with his buddy the Donkey!

• Wallowing Pigs in their not so tidy sty! 

• Peacocks with their beautiful plumage & Turkeys with their unmistakable gobble!

• Cute & cuddly Bunnies in every colour!

Kids learn about each animal's habits, life cycle, importance and fun facts that will make them smile!

GR Farm Friends Image 1.jpg
GR Arachnid for Web V 4.jpg

arachnid web

 • Dare to climb the treacherous rope web with the menacing monster spider hovering above you!
• Spin and twirl on one of the web swings!
• Hop on top of one of the super big spiders that sat beside her!
• Don't forget to take a photo of you stuck in the web at theSpider PhotoOp Stop! 

All the time kids will learn about spider webs, the anatomy of an arachnid and the various types of spiders.

GR Arachnid for Web V 7.jpg
GR Mushroom Video  Image 8.jpg

mushroom meander

• Weave through many different varieties of giant,"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" mushrooms
• Climb up to the Portobello Perch or through and on top of the Blue Oyster log
• Slide under the tree trunk in hunt of truffles  

Kids have all kinds of fun while learning about the fascinating world of fungi!

GR Mushroom Video  Image 4.jpg
Ant Farm.jpg

ant farm adventure

• Explore a gargantuan 4-storey tall Ant Farm with interior Slides,Climbing Nets, Stand-up Spinners, Rolling Ring Climbers, Ant Eggs andWobbly Wooden Walkways!
• Twist down the outside on the 30 foot Corkscrew Slide or thesingle storey Sprout Slide!
• Go all the way to the top for a spectacular view of the park and surrounding area and while you're up there say hi to the gigantic Queen Ant!

Learn about ant anatomy, ant colonies and life from ant's perspective.

GR Ant Farm for Web V 7.jpg
GR Bee Hive Honey Comb Hero for Web.jpg

bee hive honeycomb

• See the Giant Bees on top of the Honeycomb entrance and on top of the Hive.
• Check out the honey bee garden filled with flowershoney bees love!
• See and feel real Honeycomb wax! 

Learn about bee anatomy, life in a bee hive, how bees communicate and how important they are to us.

GR Bee Hive 1.jpg
GR Orchard Video Image 1.jpg

orchard treehouse

• Climb up into and explore a giant fruit tree right out of a fantasy land! 
• Spin down the 2-storey corkscrew apple slide!
• Attempt the rope bridge to the world's largest pear!
• Climb up the triple cherry trip!
• Slide down the dueling plum duo!

Learn about how fruit grows, different varieties andFun fruity facts!

GR Orchard Video  Image 1.jpg
GR Wetlands 1.jpg

Wetlands Discovery

• Peer into the giant Wetland Tank and see a cross section of everything that grows and lives in this amazing ecosystem!
• Walk out onto the pond on the floating dock and watch the wildlife that live at the Granary Road wetlands go about their daily lives.
• When available use the nets to take a closer look at some of the organisms that live in the pond water. 

Kids will be fascinated as they learn about the many insects, birds, mammal and amphibians that live in a wetland environment.

GR Wetlands for Web V 1.jpg
GR Bat Video Image 4.jpg

bat cave hangout

• Spelunk through a series of caves complete with stalagmites, stalactites, vampire bats and a glass case with actual bats for kids to examine
• Wind your way through the giant bat maze not knowing what's around the next corner

The Bat Cave is full of a bat-ology facts about echolocation, bat anatomy and bat lore for kids to learn about!

GR Bat Video Image 2.jpg
GR Chicken Coop for Web V 1.jpg

chicken coop

• Scale the climbing wall or clamber up the rope climber to the elevated Chicken Coop and then slide down the giant slide or swirl down the corkscrew poles!

• Climb your way up to the top of the Egg Yolk rope climber!

• Twirl and whirl on the Egg Spinner!

• Play with the Enormous Eggs in the Colossal Nest with a Gigantic Mother Hen watching over you!

• Swing for the roost on the Egg Swing!

• Visit the Chicken Coop with real live chicks and chickens!

While kids are playing in the Chicken Coop they'll also learn about egg anatomy, the "pecking order" in the hen house and all kinds of fun facts about chickens. 

GR Chicken Coop for Web 7.jpg
GR Croplands 1.jpg


• Man a pump and water crops just like real farmers!

• Take on all quackers and see how fast you can pump water to make your Rubber Duck swim to the finish line!

• Hop into a giant sand silo and play with kid sized farm machinery!

• Climb up and play on a real tractor!

Learn about the important farm crops of Alberta, the growing cycle, agricultural water management and more fun farm facts!

GR Croplands Hero for Web.jpg