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Granary Road Barista – Job Description


Welcome to Granary Road – our company is unique in its multi-faceted operations, attracting locals, national visitors, and international tourism, with a commitment to providing memorable experiences and exceptional service for visitors. The character and reputation of our company comes from the effort and integrity of our employees, vendors, and managers. It is up to each person within the company to uphold themselves to the highest standards, behave ethically, respectfully, and represent the company in the best possible way at all times.


As a Granary Road Barista, you will be responsible for providing friendly and welcoming café service to patrons of the Homestead Bakery and Café.  


Duties & Responsibilities


  • Commit to creating a warm and welcoming café experience

  • Prepare a variety of coffee beverages including cappuccinos, iced coffees, brewed coffee, etc.

  • Conduct retail transactions and take customer orders

  • Maintain high-level cleanliness at all times

  • Prepare a variety of Grab & Go meals

  • Operate all cafe equipment including grinder, cappuccino, panini grill, etc.


The successful candidate will have the following experience:


  • A minimum of 2 years of café experience – passionate and knowledgeable about coffee is a bonus.

  • AHS-approved food certification required

  • A positive customer service personality – friendly and outgoing – make the regulars feel welcome

  • Managing quality control to ensure a refined product delivery – FRESH

  • Must have a positive attitude with the energy and stamina to take on any and all tasks.


Job requirements:

  • Ability to work in a physically demanding environment including long-standing periods

  • Must have the flexibility to work a variety of shifts including weekends, and holidays.

  • Must be able to commute to Granary Road Farmer’s Market.


The Barista will report directly to the Market Manager and will work in collaboration with the rest of the Granary Road management team and staff.

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