The LOFT KITCHEN at granary road

Hours: 9:30am - 5:30PM

Park and market goers will love the fast-casual menu that includes:

Wild Arugula & Aritisan Lettuce Salad

Homemade Daily Soups

Slow Roasted BBQ Porcetta Sandwich

The Loft Grilled Cheese with Gruyere & Fontina Cheese and Whiskey Bacon on Sourdough

Daily Vegetarian Quiche

Urban Butcher's Tenderloin Meatloaf on Ciabatta

Plus Daily Slow Roasted Meat Carving

Granary Road Loft Grilled Cheese Snapshot for Web.jpg


The Loft Bakery at Granary Road fills the entire market with the mouth-watering aromas of artisan breads, rolls, croissants and a myriad of pastries baked fresh on site each morning. All to be enjoyed with a delicious cup of coffee in one of the wonderful seating areas around the market or on the sunny south-facing terrace.