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Welcome to Granary Road.

The founders of Granary Road are local Calgarians with kids just like you. 2 years ago we struck out to build a wonderful destination for the whole family. Granary Road is a rich life experience for everyone. Mom, Dad and Grandparents can sip coffee from the Bakery while musing over fresh organic produce in the public Market or nibble on something delicious from the Bistro while the kids will love exploring the adventures of an Active Learning Park the likes of which Alberta, and maybe North America, has never seen before.

There's so much to do...

...in a place that has found the perfect blend of nostalgic ambiance and thrilling fun. We've thought of something for everyone:

• The Market at Granary Road is a friendly, upscale market that is charismatic and eclectic with first class vendors from 30+ different product categories including our fresh produce vendor who grows vegetables in our on-site green house just steps from where they are sold. Granary Road is set in an intimate, newly constructed wood clad building that replicates the charm of a traditional granary and echoes the pastoral beauty of the rolling foothills that surround it. Closely modeled after a Sonoma Valley winery, the Granary Road market features brilliant natural light and spectacular views.

• The Bistro, Bakery and Bar at Granary Road are the flagship centerpiece of the market offering market and park goers a broad range of delicious baked goods, casual dining and refreshing wine, beer or cocktails.

• The Active Learning Park at Granary Road is filled with acres of imaginative, energetic learning experiences for kids of all ages. Giant animatronic frogs, bats and spiders greet visitors as they walk 3 kilometers of trails connecting 11 different educational and heart-pounding fun exhibits. Each stop is based on an animal, insect or agricultural theme with an interactive learning component and an exciting activity like a 16' foot web climber that has a giant wolf spider at the top or a 4-story bigger than life ant farm with an obstacle course in the tunnels or an echolocation bat maze where kids navigate using sound plus many other great experiences.

Your family will want to come back again and again!