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policies & disclaimers



Granary Road FEC Ltd. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any personal property brought or placed on the grounds and the ticket/pass holder agrees that Granary Road FEC Ltd. are expressly released and discharged from any and all liability from any loss or damage. The Ticket/pass holder voluntarily assumes all risk and dangers incidental to use of the Active Learning Park and/or event

or performance and agrees to hold harmless, release, discharge from all liability and waive all claims, demands, and actions against Granary Road FEC Ltd. and each of its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, and volunteers, for all personal or property injury, damage, harm, loss, or costs whatsoever sustained by the Ticket/pass holder while on the grounds. The Ticket/pass holder assumes full liability for and shall fully defend, indemnify (including payment of all legal fees, costs, and disbursements) and hold harmless Granary Road FEC Ltd. and each of its directors, offices,

employees, agents, representatives, and volunteers, from all claims, demands and actions brought by any person relating to or in any way connected to the Ticket/pass holder's occupation or rental, or use of the Granary Road FEC Ltd.





The Ticket/pass holder understands that Granary Road FEC Ltd. will be gathering photographic and video recordings during the Active Learning Park and event operating hours which may include the Ticket/pass holder. The Ticket/pass

holder expressly agrees that those images and recordings are the sole and exclusive property of Granary Road FEC Ltd. and hereby consents to Granary Road FEC Ltd. release and reproduction of all photographic and video recordings taken during events for future promotional or commercial purposes, without any notice or compensation to the Ticket/pass holder.




Granary Road FEC Ltd. shall not be liable for any damages or loss or otherwise for any variation, cancellation, or postponement of the Active Learning Park, Market, event or performance, in whole or in part, caused directly or indirectly by or in consequence of any force majeure event including fire, storm, dangerous weather conditions, war, insurrection, riot, civil commotion,

strike, epidemic, pandemic, or by any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of Granary Road FEC Ltd.

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