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crazy to the core fun for families, friends & foodies!

sat. & sun.
Sept. 11th & 12th!

They say "an apple a
day keeps the dr. away."
Well, there won't be
a doctor within miles
of granary road the
weekend of Sept 11th & 12th!
we're celebrating apples in a big way! 
• all kinds of apple 
• Caramel apples
• apple butter
• apple cider
• apple jams
• Dehydrated apple dog         treats
• apple fritters

We've got everything apple from "a" to "E"!

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there's so much to do at applefest!

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caramel apple DECORATING 

Make your very own ooey-gooey favourite and then chomp it down

out in the dining hall!

3 Events both Saturday & Sunday:

11am, 2pm & 3pm

$10 Per Apple

Pre-Registration Required Click Below

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Limited Availability - Sign Up Early!

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Dunvegan Apple Harvest

Check out Dunvegan for their bountiful Apple Harvest. Find all kinds of different varieties of apples, you're bound to find the "Apple of Your Eye!" 

Granary Road Vintage Apple Cider Press.p

apple cider pressing exhibition

Old school traditional apple pressing is the first step in creating delicious apple cider at Adam & Eves.

3 Events both Saturday & Sunday:

10am, 12pm & 2pm


Apple peeling contest

Think you're a fast apple peeler?

Enter our Apple Peeling Contest for

a chance to win a prize!

4 Contests on both Saturday & Sunday:

10:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm & 2:30pm

Pre-registration required in order to participate in this event.

Granary Road Apple Peel.png

Apple Express tractor train

Take a ride on Granary Road's Apple Express Tractor Train! Tour the entire Active Learning Park in style! Register Below to Reserve your Spot Today!


Time yourself on the 2- story corkscrew apple slide in Orchard Tree House!

Check out the Apple Bandanas

on our adorable goats!

Join the fun of an Apple-Based Treasure Hunt throughout the Play & Learn Park. 

Included in the Park Admission

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