the ACTIVE LEARNING PARK is OPEN for the season.


Three kilometers of trails lead kids of all ages through a series of eleven exhibits each featuring imaginative play areas in either animal, insect or agricultural themes. Giant animatronic spiders, bats and frogs greet kids as they climb and play on swings, slides and climbers that thrill their imaginations.

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36 Acres of Adventure! The Active Learning Park will thrill your kids with fun activities, energize their minds with interactive learning kiosks and ignite their imaginations with bigger than life experiences! Check out the map and the exhibit descriptions below for a quick glimpse at everything that awaits you at Granary Road.

With 11 different THRILL-FILLED active learning exhibits there's something for everyone!

Frog Pond fun pad

Visitors to the Frog Pond are greeted by a giant animatronic tree frog lounging on top of the log entrance to this high energy experience. This multi-faceted pod has several activity stations that will entertain and thrill kids of multiple ages. Students will also learn fascinating fun facts about frogs and amphibians featured on three 2-sided Learning Walls as they bounce through this fun-filled pod.

The Frog Pond Fun Pad features:

• 3 large lily pad in-ground trampolines

• The Tad Pole Park features several fun experiences for younger kids:

   - The Giant Frog Slide where toddlers climb up the back of a huge bull frog & slide down through his open mouth on a large slippery red tongue

   - 2 Spinner Lily Pads that are 4-person merry-go-rounds designed to look like a flowering lily pad

   - 4 Tad Pole Balancing Boards that have the silhouette of the 4 development phases of a tap pole

   - Bump Jumps where young kids can jump on to and off of multiple half spheres

There are also 3 ribbiting giant frogs and a slew of gigantic cat tails that surround the Frog Pond Fun Pad exhibit!


Orchard Tree House

This engaging pod is where fun and fantasy intersect in a magical tree house that kids can climb up into on stairs located in its hollow trunk. At the top of the stairs is a partially covered lookout platform with 4 branches extending out from the trunk. Each branch has an activity station inside a giant apple, pear, plums or cherries. There are two double-sided educational walls featuring fun facts about each fruit.

The Orchard Tree House features:

• A giant, life-like hollow tree trunk with an internal staircase leading up to the large lookout platform

• A giant corkscrew worm slide winding its way through an apple

• A mini zipline with safety net that lands kids inside a giant pear

• Dualing spiral slides inside two huge plums

• Triple treat cherry slides that zoom kids down the stems and through a bunch of cherries


This activity filled exhibit has multiple attractions for many ages. The center piece is a large elevated chicken coop with 4 different activities: a multi-kid slide, corkscrew fireman's poles, climbing net and a climbing wall. Surrounding the coop are 6 different chicken themed activity stations for kids of all ages to climb and play on. The learning kiosk features a chick incubator and working chicken coop with live chickens! The 4 education walls in the Chicken Coop pod has fun facts for older kids and fun activity stations for toddlers. 

The Chicken Coop features:

• An elevated chicken coop with a giant chicken on the roof and 4 activities: 5’ wide slide, rope climber, dual spiral poles and a wall climber   

• Egg Climber that is shaped like an egg that kids can climb on inside and out

• 4 seat Egg Scrambler merry-go-round

• Multi-person Egg Swing

• Suspended Egg Climber with ropes and rubber internal platforms


This awe-inspiring exhibit takes the classic ant farm that every kid loves and blows it up to their size. Kids enter the top of this 4 story life-sized vertical obstacle course under a giant ant and make their way all the way down past crazy cool obstacles or choose to take a short cut on the double corkscrew earthworm slide or the single twist green grub slide. There are also ant climbers and activities for the little kids plus multiple education walls. Visitors to the Ant Farm are greeted by the Learning Kiosk which includes an actual ant farm.

The Ant Farm features:

• A 60’ wide x 4 story tall, larger than life ant farm that's a vertical obstacle course with a giant ant on the top  

• One 14' corkscrew earthworm slide

• One 7' spiraling green grub slide

• 2 ant climbers

• 2 ant spring toys

• 2 ant education walls with interactive components


This is certainly the sweetest exhibit at Granary Road with a walk-in Honey Shack Snack Shop that features honey based treats along with other yummy snacks. Bee apiarists and honey loving toddlers will both be wowed by the giant honey bee on top of the shack and the bee harvesting pollen from the flower on the hill behind the exhibit! Surrounding the snack shack are 4 double-sided Fun Fact Walls that teach kids about several different characteristics of bees.

The Bee Hive Honeycomb Fun Fact Walls feature graphics, images and text about:

• How bees are an integral part of the earth’s ecosystem

• Bee-haviour in a natural bee hive and in a man-made apiary

• Bee anatomy

• Bee varieties and the differences between bees, wasps and hornets



Kids of all ages will love the experience of watching, petting and interacting with a wide variety of traditional and exotic farm animals in a classic farm environment. At the Farm Friends Petting Zoo kids will be able hug and brush our herd of mature and baby goats and, if you arrive on time, you can watch the daily goat stampede from their barn at the top of the hill down to the goat corral at 10am sharp each morning. You'll also be able to cuddle and play with our rabbits and our fluffle of bunnies in their crazy cool rabbitat hutch or scramble after one of our frisky piglets. Your kids will puzzle at the solemness of our alpacas and chuckle at the clucking of our roosters and hens. We have many classic Albertan chickens plus   several exotic chicken varieties with beautiful colorful plumes that almost rival the spectacle and pomp of the regal peacocks in their nearby pen.      

The Farmyard Friends Petting Zoo features:

• Goat Corral with daily goat stampedes and brushes for kids to comb the kids

• Chicken Coop with multiple varieties of chickens

• Pig Pen with piglets you can play with

• Alpaca Barn

• Interactive Rabbitat Hutch

• Peacock & Turkey Pen


Visitors to the Mushroom Meander experience a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” trip through 7 diarama of gigantic mushrooms including: Morels, Crimini, Porcini, Portabello, Shitake, Enoki and a myriad of more rare, but remarkably beautifully colored mushrooms. There’s even an exhibit for one of the more elusive fungus families, the truffle.  

In addition to the larger than life mushrooms, each exhibit features an eductation wall with fun facts about each mushroom for kids of all grade levels and a terrarium with a real live growing sample of the species represented in the diorama.  

The Mushroom Meander is one of the more passive pods in the park with 4 of the stops featuring mildly active experiences that will appeal to kids from preschool to grade 3:

• The Portabella Tower with lookout over the park

• The Hollow Log run through and on top of

• The Truffle Tunnel and Tree Trunk with sit-on truffle finding pig!

• The Enoki & King Oyster Weave Through



Wetlands may be one of the most easy-going exhibits, but it's also one of the most fascinating and rich in learning content. Visitors walk around an open air wetland aquarium/terrarium where they can see the teeming life above and under the pond surface and grasp the complete wetland ecosystem. Visitors can also go out on the pier and observation platform floating on Pond-erosa to see wetland life up-close in its natural habitat. 

Wetlands Discovery features:

•  9’ diameter wetland aquarium/terrarium which displays a cross-section of the wetlands ecosystem

• Floating platform in the middle of Pondersosa Pond with multiple learning stations and first hand look of a wetlands natural habitat


This thrilling climber on steroids is sure to be a big favourite!  The 16’ high web of ropes and nets all lead up to a menacing giant animatronic wolf spider. Kids will also love to whirl and twirl on the 2 sets of dualing spider swings with web seats and the little kids will enjoy climbing on top of several small spider climbers. The Learning Kiosk features several terrariums with live spiders! And the 4 educational walls located in the pod convey fun factoids about spiders and spider life.

The Arachnid Web features:

• A giant 20‘ tall rope climber with an authentic animatronic wolf spider with articulating legs at the top  

• 2 sets of dual saucer swings with web seats

• Several small spider climbers


CROPLAND GROW ROW coming soon!

Families and students weave between the crop circles that have actual growing crops to learn about the many aspects of farming several of Alberta's most important agricultural products. Each crop circle features a different crop: Wheat, Canola, Corn, Sunflowers and Barley and has several learning stations surrounding it. Schools and classes can sign-up to sponsor a crop circle for their school and in the spring have a special invitation to come out to Granary Road for a planting party. Our staff botanist/farmer will nurture the crop throughout the growing months and students are welcome to come back and see their crops grow from sprout to harvest!

Cropland Grow Row features:

• Wheat Crop Circle with wheat plants growing and education stations

• Canola Crop Circle with canola plants growing and education stations

• Corn Crop Circle with corn plants growing and education stations

• Barley Crop Circle with barley plants growing and education stations



A gigantic 8’ animatronic bat hangs from a tree branch on top of the “cave” entrance to this highly experiential exhibit. Visitors can go straight in and try their luck at the Blind-as-a-Bat Labyrinth or turn right and explore the Bat Cave that features 5 different fascinating fact stations that are interactive and engaging inside an authentic bat cave.

The Bat Cave Hangout features:

• A hanging animatronic mom and baby bat display

• A Bat House walk through

• A ceiling display with screaming bats behind a plexiglass ceiling

• A display with climbing bats on the inside and a 5.5 foot tall kids climbing wall on the outside

• A bat anatomy station where kids can check out a giant life-sized fruit bat

• The Blind-as-a-Bat Labyrinth where older kid's eyes are covered and they have to traverse a maze by following sonar like beeping that will guide them through safely

• A smaller maze for younger kids 


Granary Road is THE field trip destination in Calgary. Included in each exhibit are interactive learning walls and mini-amphitheater kiosks that teach kids about all aspects of the exhibit's subject through fun graphics and animated videos. We know that kids learn faster and understand better when they're engaged in the learning experience and having fun. Our curriculum development team is made up of local Calgary teachers to ensure that the content in the Learning Kiosks is 100% aligned with Alberta Education's Program of Studies for science for each grade K to 9.