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Mini Golf at Granary Road

YesterYear Mini GOLF

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Granary Road Mini Golf
Timeless fun for families & friends.

Only $10 to play!
Or FREE with Park Admission or an Annual Pass.

Do you think you have what it takes to master the Water Tower? Or how about the Voyageur?

This Par 72 course has it all! There are 18 greens to challenge and delight mini golfers of all ages and skill levels!

Come take a trip back in time with us, who knew the past could be so fun?

Mini Golf Course Rules:

  1. Walk only on designated Asphalt Pathways

  2. No running on the course

  3. No climbing on the structures

  4. Do not strike club against curbs, trees, signs or structures

  5. Limit of 5 players per group

  6. No skipping holes, play each hole in turn

  7. Please hit ball gently and do not take full swings

  8. Six stroke limit per hole

  9. Keep up with the group in front of you

  10. Wait to start the next hole until everyone in the group in front of you is done

  11. Ball may be moved 1 putter head away from curbs and obstacles without penalty

  12. If your ball goes out of play, place it where it went out & add 1 stroke

  13. Please no smoking or swearing

The most important rule: Have fun!

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