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The Orchard Treehouse at Granary Road


There's so much for you to do!

Granary Road's Active Learning Park is inspired by Albertan Agriculture, step into eleven life-sized exhibits for an adventure that delights toddlers to teens.


From zip-lines, swings, Farmyard friends, trampolines and slides Granary Road has a host of activities to inspire play. For the best value buy an Annual Pass to keep enjoying the Park all year long.

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Watch the Granary Road Active Learning Park video below!

Granary Road Exhibits

COMING 2024...

The Fabulous & Fantastic Farm

Granary Road is taking the fun of our outdoor park indoors! We are now open all year round...

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Child and Alpaca on Farm

Farmyard Friends

Visit our Farm Friends Petting Zoo where you can get up close to pet our friendly herd of goats – be warned that they love to jump and climb! Say hello to our miniature ponies and Eeyore the donkey.


We’ve got a flock of chickens that like to wander around the grounds, woolly sheep and cheeky alpacas. See if you can spot our cute ducks and the pigs wallowing in their mud-baths. Learn all about animal husbandry and what it takes to look after a working farm!

Playing Mini Golf

YesterYear Mini Golf

The Yesteryear Mini-Golf Course is included in our annual passes and day admission. Take a trip back to the good old days in our pioneer-style mini golf course.


Pick up clubs, golf balls and score-cards at the gift shop and try your luck at the 18 holes. This is a great challenge for golfers of all levels and abilities.​

Huge Frog Playground

Frog Pond Fun Pad

Our Frog Pond area teaches us all about frog metamorphosis, environment, and frog anatomy. Pretend to be a frog or toad while leaping across our lily pad spinners.


Slide down a slippery frog tongue and bounce along the trampolines to see how high you can frog-leap! Balance on tadpole spring boards and jump along our toad bumps.​

Spider Web Climbing Frame

Arachnid Web

Watch out for our resident Spiders that have spun some giant webs for you to climb and swing on! Don’t worry they won’t bite, you can take a seat on the back of our spiders and see if you can escape the web before the spider catches you!


Learn all about these fascinating creatures, nature’s architects at Arachnid Web.​

Mushroom Playground

Mushroom Meander

Honey, we blew up the Mushrooms! Feel like a tiny critter and weave your way through the giant mushrooms. Climb up to the Portobello Porch or through and on top of the Blue Oyster Log.


Play hide and seek amongst the mushroom stalks. There’s too much fun-gi to be had in Mushroom Meander!

Huge Ant Farm Play Structure

Ant Farm Adventure

Discover the fascinating world of Ants in our life-size Ant Farm. With 4 storeys to explore, interior slides, climbing nets and wobbly wooden walkways you can wander around the Ant Farm and go all the way to the top for a spectacular view of the park and the stunning valley landscape.


Don’t forget to say hello to the Queen Ant at the top!​

Orchard Treehouse

Orchard Treehouse

Our larger than life Orchard is a huge fruit tree waiting for you to climb up and slide down the 2 storey corkscrew apple slide.


Journey across the rope-bridge to visit the giant pear and climb up the triple cherry trip. It’s a fruit-tastic experience for daring kids!​

Pond at Granary Road

Wetlands Discovery

Keep your eyes peeled for all the wildlife living in our very own Wetlands. Learn all about our ecosystem featuring the many insects and birds that make Granary Road their home.


Explore our pond and our Wetland Tank to get a closer look into the make-up of a wetland area.​

Honeycomb Play Structure

Bee Hive Honeycomb

Bzzzz. There’s no stings here! Explore our life-size honeycomb and giant bees buzzing around the hive. Check out the local flowers in our honey bee garden area and if you are lucky you might spot a few bees collecting pollen to take back to the Granary Road hives.


Did you know we also sell our honey in our Farmer’s Market? Take some home and taste the difference – it’s bee-licious.

Bat Cave Tunnel Playground

Bat Cave Hangout

Take a trip through our bat caves learning all about the different species of bats, anatomy and echo-location.


See if you can make it out of our giant bat maze, wonder at the stalagmites and stalactites and even see some real-life bats nature’s very own pesticide!​

Chicken Theme Playground

Chicken Coop

Don’t be Chicken! Play in our very own Chicken Coop complete with a fun playground for the kids to explore. Climbing walls, rope egg climbers and swings show you how fun being in a chicken coop can be.


Take a ride on the Egg Spinner and Egg Swing and don’t forget to say hi to our feathered friends in the chicken coop with baby chicks and laying chickens!​

Children Playing on Ride-on Tractors


Play Farmer in our small-scale Farm! Man a pump and water the crops just like real farmers, drive a mini scaled tractor around our Tractor Track and sit on a real-life Tractor against a backdrop of the Pine Creek Valley fields.

Take photos of your day in the life of a real Albertan farmer and tag Granary Road!​

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