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Granary Road Market


Unicorn Farms

Unicorn Farms

Unicorn Farms

Plant Smiles. Grow Laughter. Harvest Love.

Some of my great childhood memories were growing up on my grandparent’s farm in Fiji Islands. There were lots of things I loved to do there. We used to uproot the peanut plants and eat the peanuts and plant them back so my grandfather won’t find out. Rolling down big juicy watermelons down the hill so that they would break at the bottom and we just ate it right there in the farm.

At Unicorn Farms we want you to create memories with us. We strive to inspire and nurture a healthy community by building a local, sustainable food economy in a vibrant, diverse and inclusive market place. Unicorn farms is locally owned and we support local farmers and also promote exotic international produce. Our team is committed to providing you the freshest foods and bringing them to you for a great price to nourish your soul.

Our promise is to exceed your expectations by combining the best customer service with the freshest foods.

Our vision is a stronger, more vibrant community where our customers can enjoy the economic, healthful, and cultural benefits of consuming the freshest produce.

Unicorn Farms strives to give back to the community “healthy eating, healthy living!” We can’t wait to serve you!

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