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Granary Road Market


Yummy In My Tummy

Yummy In My Tummy



An Eclectic Mix of the Foods You Love!

Looking for something delicious? 

YUMMY IN MY TUMMY has you covered!  With dishes originating in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Fiji Islands, Yummy In My Tummy has something for everyone!  Order your Fried Rice or Chow Mein with Chicken, Shrimp or go Vegetarian!  Their Lamb Rolls, Veggie Rolls and Samosas are crispy and light on the outside and jam packed with flavour inside!  Get a side of Cassava Fries, and for dessert?  Iced Kacang!  This refreshing and yummy shaved ice dessert is a must try sweet Malaysian dish.  Oh, and did we mention, Bubble Tea? Drop by Yummy In My Tummy - your tummy will thank you!

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