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Where friends & family come together to enjoy the good things in life. 

The Active Learning Park at Granary Road is a family destination like none other in Canada. 3 Kilometers of winding trails connect 36 acres of active learning fun and 11 exhibits that teach kids about animals, insects and agriculture while they’re having fun! Designed to thrill the imaginations of toddlers to teens the park features a giant spider web climber, in-ground lily pad trampolines, a huge 4-story ant farm, a gigantic fruit tree with the world’s largest corkscrew apple slide, a blind-as-a-bat maze, zip-lines and a working farm/petting zoo featuring our famous goat stampede, the new Golden Goat Bridge and our adorable alpaca! Visitors will get an up-close look at your product offering as they weave through the market to buy tickets for the park and will see multiple vendor advertisements throughout the park and in the gift store. Plus, park visitors will receive rotating coupons for discounts to market vendors and other cross promotions to further drive parkgoers into the market. We strongly recommend that vendors include mom and family friendly products and price points in their assortments. This is going to be fun!


Granary Road was conceived and developed with the vision of assembling a mix of best-of-class vendors with both staple and unique offerings that complement one another and provide our guests a comprehensive and highly enjoyable shopping experience. In 2023, we believe in that vision more than ever. We’ve created a shopping experience with an upscale, yet friendly and charismatic ambiance that is like none other in Alberta. Located just minutes from Calgary proper the market building is styled after a Sonoma Valley vineyard and set in the rolling idyllic Foothills surrounded by horse ranches and far-reaching fields. The warm, rich wood interior with soaring vaulted ceilings features four 20’ doors that open to welcome families and friends into a marketplace unlike anything else. We’ve carefully hand selected an eclectic group of vendors that offer great products at a fair price and understand the importance of a polished retail presentation, a warm smile and making our customers feel at home. We hope you’ll join us in making something truly special.


Where friends and family come together to enjoy the good things in life.



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*Closed for the season and will re-open spring 2024*

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*Closed for the season and will re-open spring 2024*

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