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play all day!

Only $229.95 + GST

Here's What You Get:

10 Admissions (Child or Adult) to our Active Learning Park

10 Bags of Animal Feed - The goats go crazy for it!

Granary Road Rover Wagon for 10 People

10 Mini Golf

Birthday Gift for the child

Digital Granary Road Party Invites

Reserved seating area at a picnic table in the Active Learning Park for 90 minutes

Email for more information.

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birthday faq

Q: Where do I go when I arrive? 

A: Please head straight to the Park Gate Entry. You can pick up your group's park passes at the Gift Shop.

Q. If my birthday party time is booked for 1pm – can I show up early?

A. Yes – you and your guests have all day access to the park. The time you have booked is for your Birthday Party Table. You will get 1.5 hours at your reserved spot for your guests.

Q. Do adults need to pay to get into the park to supervise their children?

A. Yes, all guests 3 years of age and older require a paid admission to the park. The party package includes 10 guest’s total. Any additional guests above the 10 will need a ticket.

Q. Do I get additional animal feed when I purchase extra general admissions?

A. Yes, you will receive one bag of animal feed for every guest on your invoice.

Q. I booked my time for 11am, does that mean I have to be there at 11?

A. Yes, when booking your birthday time, you are booking your table time. Your table will be ready at 11 am and you will have access to the table for 90 min. You can always arrive earlier as you do have all day park access.

Q. Can I bring outside food into the park?

A. Yes, outside food is allowed inside the park only, no outside food is allowed in the Farmer’s Market. Please do not feed our farm animals any outside food.

Q. If I bring a cake is there somewhere I can store it?

A. Unfortunately, with the high demand of Birthdays we cannot store any food product. Feel free to bring a cooler for your items that need to be stored.

Q. Once we enter the park can we come and go?

A. Yes, you and your guests will receive a stamp if you would like to leave the park and reenter.

Q. Can we bring a tent for shade?

A. Yes, you can bring a tent for shade. No camping tents or anything larger than 10 x 10.

Q: Does Granary Road supply eating utensils, napkins or tablecloths to the party?

A: Granary Road only supplies the picnic table at a reserved time. All decorations, utensils etc. are to be brought by the customer.

Q: Where do we meet our guests

A: When you get to Granary Road, head to the Gift Shop to pick up your group's passes to hand out!

Q. Can we bring cooking equipment into the park?

A. No cooking equipment is allowed inside the park.

Q. Do you have food available for purchase?

A. There is no food available during the weekdays. The Farmers Market is open Friday through Sunday. Vendors can be found on our website. Feel free to order directly through them. We offer everything from pizza, to BBQ, French fries, salads and more.

Q. Do I get a refund if it’s raining or windy?

A. The Active Learning Park is open rain or shine, unless deemed unsafe by management.

We do not give refunds but will reschedule your event at no additional cost when you let one of our team members know 48 hours in advance by emailing We will not accept a phone call as a form of cancellation.

Q. If I am late arriving to Granary Road will I still get my table for 90 min?

A. Unfortunately, due to our high demand in Birthday Parties we will not extend your time. We ask that you check road conditions before leaving. You can access direction to Granary Road on our website. Telling your guests, the party time is 15 min before the actual time on your birthday invites will most likely ensure all guests arrive in time.

Q. Where will my Birthday table be located?

A. Your table will be in our designated Birthday area inside the park. Please come prepared to walk -we are an ACTIVE learning park. When you check in at Admissions you will be directed to the Birthday Table location. Remember, your table is only valid for 90 min. If you arrive at 9 am and your table is not booked until 12 you will not have access until 12pm.

Q. Is the park Wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, our park pathways are wheelchair accessible. However, they are gravel with incline and declines in the terrain which can make it difficult navigate.

Q. Where do I go when I arrive?

A. You will need to check in at Admissions to pay your final invoice. Then you will receive you animal feed and be directed to the party area.

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