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Large Aquaponic Plant Food

4 Litre Aquaponic Plant Food


Granary Road's very own Aquaponic Plant Food formula is a bi-product of the aquaponic process and results in healthier fruit & vegetable plants with  higher yields and larger, longer lasting blooms on flowers.


Made in Alberta, Canada. Toxin free, plant food which is safe for you and the environment!


Unlike some fertilizers, this all natural, 100% organic plant food has consistent composition and does not contain any pathogenic bacteria or synthetic compounds that could leach into the food you are growing, the soil or water table. Expect to see exceptional results on vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, lawns, cannabis, and shrubs grown in soil or in aquaponics.


Directions: Shake well before diluting. 1 Litre makes 40 Litres of plant food. Feed plants every 7-14 days as required.


Available in 1 Litre or 4 Litre bottles.

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