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from fish to fork!

Granary Road and Lethbridge College, one of the leading academic institutions of aquaponic research in North America, have collaborated in creating this state-of-the-art facility.

Aquaponics is the integrated culture of fish, plants and beneficial microorganisms grown in a soilless environment. Fish and plants grow in one ecosystem, eliminating the waste they separately produce by turning it into something of use.

> The waste created by the fish becomes a food source for beneficial microorganisms

> The microorganisms convert the fish waste into mineral nutrients for the plants.

> The plants act as a natural filter, cleaning the water for the fish.

It’s essentially zero-waste agriculture.

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Having the Aquaponics Centre on location at Granary Road allows us to provide our visitors with the freshest produce possible as it was grown just meters away from the market and harvested just hours before you can purchase it without ever spending a single second on a truck!

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grow healthier
plants, veggies & flowers!

granary road




THIS formula IS A BI-PRODUCT OF THE AQUAPONIC PROCESS AND results in healthier fruit & vegetable plants with  higher yields and larger, longer lasting blooms on flowers.

Unlike some fertilizers, this all natural, organic plant food has consistent composition and does not contain any pathogenic bacteria or synthetic compounds that could leach into the food you are growing, the soil or water table. It will give you exceptional results on all veggies, flowers, fruits, herbs, lawns, cannabis, and shrubs grown in soil or in aquaponics. 

you can find this
amazing plant food
on the Fresh Farmer
cart at granary road!

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