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from fish to fork!

Granary Road and Lethbridge College, one of the leading academic institutions of aquaponic research in North America, have collaborated in creating this state-of-the-art facility.

Aquaponics is the integrated culture of fish, plants and beneficial microorganisms grown in a soilless environment. Fish and plants grow in one ecosystem, eliminating the waste they separately produce by turning it into something of use.

> The waste created by the fish becomes a food source for

    beneficial microorganisms

> The microorganisms convert the fish waste into mineral nutrients

    for the plants.

> The plants act as a natural filter, cleaning the water for the fish.

It’s essentially zero-waste agriculture.



Visitors to Granary Road can get the freshest and safest produce in Calgary. Zesty tomatoes, succulent salad fixings, aromatic basil and microgreens that were picked this morning just 100 metres away and never spent a minute on a truck.


Look for the Fresh Aquaponic Produce Cart in the entrance to the Granary Road Farmer's Market!